Michal Samama

Photo by Matthias Pick at Grimmuseum Berlin 2010

"This intimate display is somehow more like watching a close-up video than an actual person, which is odd given that her face is mere inches away. But this is one of Ms. Samama’s gifts: Just as she can make faraway images seem closer than they are, she can morph into an object herself." - Gia Kourlas for The New York Times

"There was a sense that the audience wasn’t quite sure how to behave—there were awkward rumblings, a few hushed voices here and there, some trips to the table for more cheese or wine, and so on. The setup was not quite exhibition and not quite performance, so what conventions should the audience follow? Samama had become something like an object herself, but the sound emanating from the whistle served as a reminder of her humanly breath."
- Lauren Bakst for New Museum Six Degrees

"One memorable work was Michal Samama’s solo The Chicken Memorial, a challenging and compelling exploration of flesh and humanity." - Garnet Henderson for The Brooklyn Rail